Women in Rock: Top 20 Best Rock Bands with Female Singers

The Runaways at Brumrock in 1976

Girl power has never been more electrifying than in the realm of rock music. Rock bands with female singers and musicians have been breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes since the birth of this rebellious genre. From pioneers like Janis Joplin and Joan Jett to modern-day powerhouses like Florence Welch and Lzzy Hale, these incredible women in rock have proven time and time again that the stage is theirs to conquer. In this article, we celebrate the contributions of 10 female rock pioneers, and 10 modern female rock artists, exploring their unique journeys, and highlighting the importance of their voices. So crank up the volume and get ready to be inspired by 20 of  the most unstoppable women in rock.

The Importance of Female Representation in Rock

Representation matters, and the presence of strong female rock artists is vital in a genre historically dominated by men. Seeing women excel in rock provides inspiration and empowers aspiring female musicians to pursue their dreams without hesitation or doubt. It dismantles the notion that rock is a boys' club and encourages girls to pick up a guitar, hit the drums, or find their own unique voice.

Increased female representation in rock fosters a more inclusive and diverse music industry, challenging the stereotypes and preconceived notions that have held back talent for far too long. Moreover, rock bands with female singers and musicians bring fresh perspectives, unique experiences, and new narratives to the table. Their stories of resilience, empowerment, heartache, and triumph resonate with people from all walks of life, strengthening rock n' roll into a more vibrant, inclusive, and relatable genre.

The Pioneers of Female Rock

Rock music has long been dominated by male artists, with their powerful guitars and booming voices taking center stage. However, over the years, there have been several fearless, talented women in rock who have broken through the barriers and made their mark on the genre. From Janis Joplin's soulful wails to Joan Jett's rebellious anthems, rock bands with female singers have proven time and again that they can rock just as hard, if not harder, than their male counterparts. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of these legendary rockers and celebrate their contributions to the genre.

1. Stevie Nicks

Fleetwood Mac

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Fleetwood Mac Stevie Nicks 1980

Stevie Nicks is perhaps best known as the lead vocalist of Fleetwood Mac, one of the most successful rock bands of all time, and on our list of the top 80s rock bands. Nicks's unique, ethereal voice and poetic songwriting contributed to the band's timeless hits, including "Rhiannon" and "Landslide."

With her trademark twirling shawls and distinctive style, Nicks captivated audiences with her enchanting stage presence. Her solo career further showcased her versatility as an artist, with songs like "Edge of Seventeen" and "Leather and Lace" becoming classics in their own right.

Nicks's impact on the rock music scene extends far beyond her own success. She paved the way for future generations of rock bands with female singers, showing them that they could be both vulnerable and powerful. Nicks continues to be an inspiration to countless aspiring musicians around the world.

2. Gwen Stefani

No Doubt

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Gwen Stefani at Voodoo 2002

Gwen Stefani emerged as a beacon of originality in the '90s rock scene with her band No Doubt, blending ska, punk, and pop to create a sound that was entirely their own. Stefani's electric energy and unmistakable voice led the band from underground success to international stardom, particularly with hits like "Just a Girl" and "Don't Speak."

Beyond her music, Stefani's unique fashion sense and charisma challenged the rock industry's norms and solidified her status as a style icon and a beacon of female empowerment. Her bold and eclectic fashion choices, blending elements from punk to pop culture, served as a powerful form of self-expression and creativity, inspiring a generation to embrace their individuality.

Her transition to a successful solo career further demonstrated her versatility and influence in music, fashion, and culture. Stefani's journey from Anaheim's ska-punk scenes to global stages exemplifies her pioneering role in making rock more accessible and inspiring to women in rock everywhere.

3. Janis Joplin

Big Brother and the Holding Company

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Janis Joplin 1970

Janis Joplin was a force to be reckoned with. Her raw, emotive vocals and electrifying stage presence made her one of the most iconic female rock singers of all time. Born in 1943, Joplin rose to fame in the late 1960s as the lead vocalist of Big Brother and the Holding Company. Her distinctive voice, a blend of soul, blues, and rock, resonated with fans around the world.

Joplin's breakthrough moment came with her performance at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967, where she captivated audiences with her rendition of "Ball and Chain." From then on, she moved on to even bigger events, such as Woodstock 69, becoming a symbol of the counterculture movement, embodying the free-spirited, rebellious nature of rock music. Tragically, Joplin's career was cut short when she died of a drug overdose in 1970. However, her legacy lives on, and her impact on the rock music scene is undeniable.

4. Joan Jett

The Runaways, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

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Joan Jett 1994 02

Joan Jett is an 80s rock icon that we've highlighted numerous times in articles about the best 80s rock bands, and best 80s rock songs of all time, as well as the best rock songs to cover. She burst onto the rock music scene in the 1970s as the lead vocalist of not just a rock band with a female singer, but an all-female rock band known as The Runaways. Known for their edgy sound and rebellious attitude, The Runaways paved the way for future generations of female rockers. In the mid-1970s, long before the Riot Grrrl movement and the mainstream acceptance of female rock bands, The Runaways formed in Los Angeles in 1975, this all-female band consisting of Joan Jett, Cherie Currie, Lita Ford, Sandy West, and Jackie Fox defied conventions, defying the assumption that rock music was the sole domain of men.

The Runaways harnessed the rebellious spirit of rock 'n' roll, crafting raw and audacious songs that resonated with a generation of young women hungry for representation. Their unapologetic attitude and fierce stage presence set the stage for future female rockers to thrive, inspiring countless others to pick up a guitar and rock out.

However, it was Jett's solo career that truly solidified her status as one of the most badass female rock singers. Jett's breakthrough hit came with her cover of the song "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" in 1981, which topped the charts and became an anthem for rebellious youth. With her leather-clad image and powerful vocals, Jett shattered stereotypes and proved that women could rock just as hard as men. She continues to tour and release new music to this day, inspiring a new generation of rockers.

5. Alanis Morissette

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Alanis Morissette 5 19 2014

Alanis Morissette redefined the scope of rock music for women with her 1995 album "Jagged Little Pill," which became a defining soundtrack of the decade. Her introspective lyrics, combined with a blend of rock, pop, and post-grunge sounds, tapped into the collective consciousness with unprecedented honesty and emotional rawness.

Songs like "You Oughta Know" and "Ironic" showcased Morissette's powerful vocal range and her ability to articulate the complexities of female experience. She became an instant icon, headlined at huge events like Woodstock 99 for an empowered generation. Her impact is immeasurable, not only in selling millions of records but in paving the way for artists to express vulnerability and strength through their music.

6. Ann and Nancy Wilson


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Heart 1977

When it comes to sister acts in rock music, Ann and Nancy Wilson of the band Heart are unparalleled. With their powerhouse vocals and intricate harmonies, the Wilson sisters commanded the stage like no other.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Heart dominated the charts with hits like "Barracuda," "Magic Man," and "Alone." The band's blend of hard rock and folk influences created a unique sound that captivated audiences worldwide.

Heart's success paved the way for other rock bands with female singers, and served as an inspiration for aspiring women in rock. Ann and Nancy Wilson remain influential figures in the rock music community, proving that talent and passion can transcend gender stereotypes.

7. Avril Lavigne

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Avril Lavigne in Brasilia 2014 2 cropped

Avril Lavigne, with her debut album "Let Go" in 2002, revolutionized the pop punk and rock scene, introducing a unique blend of punk spirit and pop sensibility that resonated with millions worldwide. Hits like "Complicated" and "Sk8er Boi" not only dominated the charts but also defined a generation, speaking to the complexities of youth with authenticity and raw emotion. Lavigne's distinctive style—marked by her skate-punk fashion and straight-talking lyrics—challenged the prevailing norms of female pop stardom, carving out a niche that was entirely her own.

Lavigne's career has been marked by evolution and resilience, navigating the pressures of fame while continuing to produce work that resonates with a loyal fan base. Her advocacy for health issues, particularly Lyme disease, has further solidified her role as an influential figure in pop culture, transcending her music to inspire and advocate for change.

8. Courtney Love


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Courtney Love 1986 publicity headshot

Courtney Love, the frontwoman of Hole, epitomized the raw, unfiltered ethos of '90s alternative rock. With her gritty vocals and candid lyrics, Love broke through the grunge scene's glass ceiling, demanding attention not just for her tumultuous personal life but for her undeniable talent and the depth of her artistry. Albums like "Live Through This" and "Celebrity Skin" offered an unapologetic exploration of femininity, fame, and vulnerability, resonating deeply with a generation.

Love's fearless attitude and confrontational performance style challenged the expectations of women in rock, making her a controversial yet undeniably influential figure in the genre's evolution. Following the tragic death of her husband, Kurt Cobain, Love's public mourning and candidness about her grief and struggles with substance abuse added a poignant chapter to her legacy, further humanizing her in the eyes of the public and her fans.

9. Chrissie Hynde

The Pretenders

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Chrissie Hynde 1

Chrissie Hynde, the lead vocalist of the rock band The Pretenders, is a true rock 'n' roll icon. Known for her sultry voice and punk-inspired style, Hynde's music resonated with audiences and critics alike.

With hits like "Brass in Pocket" and "Don't Get Me Wrong," The Pretenders became one of the most successful rock bands with female singers of the 1980s. Hynde's fearless attitude and powerful vocals cemented her status as one of the most influential female rock singers of her time.

Hynde's career has spanned several decades, and she continues to release music to this day. Her longevity in the industry is a testament to her talent and her ability to evolve with the ever-changing rock music landscape.

10. Dolores O’Riordan

The Cranberries

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1920px The Cranberries Palalido Italy April 20 1999

Dolores O’Riordan, with her distinctive voice and lilting Irish accent, was the heart and soul of The Cranberries, one of our top 90s bands that changed the face of rock n roll. They brought a unique blend of alternative rock and Celtic-infused melodies to the global stage. Hits like "Zombie" and "Linger" on our top 100 songs to cover, showcased O’Riordan's extraordinary ability to convey deep emotion, while addressing themes of love, conflict, and social issues.

Her vocal style—sometimes ethereal, sometimes powerful—along with her compelling stage presence, set her apart in a genre often dominated by male voices. O’Riordan's contributions to rock not only popularized Irish music worldwide but also inspired rock bands with female singers musicians to embrace individuality in their art.

The Legacy Lives On

The list of pioneering rock bands with female singers from the past is far more exhaustive than we could possibly cover in a single article. The 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000s were ripe with extraordinary women who not only made their mark on rock music but also paved the way for future generations. These artists broke through barriers, set new standards, and left an indelible legacy that continues to inspire.

It is essential to celebrate and recognize the contributions of these female rockers. Their presence in a male-dominated industry serves as a reminder that talent knows no gender and that music is a universal language that can break down barriers.

Modern Female Rock Singers

As much as we celebrate the iconic figures, fast forward to today, and modern female rock singers continue to push boundaries, breaking stereotypes and demanding to be heard. Their incredible talent, unrelenting determination, and powerful stage presence have earned them legions of fans around the world. We're eager to shine a spotlight on the current and emerging female talents in rock. These modern-day artists carry the torch, pushing boundaries, breaking stereotypes, and demanding to be heard. Let's take a closer look at some modern-day female rock powerhouses:

11. Florence Welch

Florence and the Machine

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Florence Greek Theater 2011

Florence Welch, with her band Florence and the Machine, one of our top 10 bands of the past 10 years, has carved a unique niche in the indie rock and baroque pop scene with her ethereal voice and majestic stage presence. Her music, rich with poetic lyricism and dramatic instrumentals, transcends conventional rock to offer a deeply emotional experience. Hits like "Dog Days Are Over" and "Shake It Out" showcase Welch's ability to blend powerful vocals with storytelling that resonates on a universal level.

Welch's influence extends beyond her music; her distinctive style and performances, often incorporating flowing gowns and a barefoot stage presence, challenge the traditional rock aesthetic and promote a form of femininity that is both vulnerable and powerful among current rock bands with female singers. Her commitment to exploring themes of love, pain, and redemption in her work pushes boundaries within the genre and sets a new standard for emotional depth in rock music.

12. Lzzy Hale


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Halestorm Lzzy Hale

Another big name on our top 10 bands of the last 10 years is Lzzy Hale, frontwoman of Halestorm, whose songs also made our list of top 100 songs to cover. Lzzy is renowned for her powerhouse vocals and masterful guitar playing, establishing her as one of the leading figures in modern hard rock. Hale's dynamic performances and the band's gritty sound, exemplified in tracks like "I Miss The Misery" and "Love Bites (So Do I)," reflect a dedication to the core elements of rock 'n' roll. Her ability to deliver high-energy shows alongside introspective acoustic sessions demonstrates her versatility as an artist.

Hale's role as front-woman of rock bands with female singers in a heavily male-dominated genre has not only broken glass ceilings but also inspired a generation of women in rock to pursue their dreams in music. Through her advocacy for gender equality and mental health awareness, Lzzy Hale has used her platform to speak out on important issues, further cementing her status as a role model and pioneer for female rockers.

13. St. Vincent

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St Vincent

Annie Clark, known professionally as St. Vincent, has redefined the boundaries of rock and indie music with her innovative guitar techniques and complex compositions. Her work, characterized by its avant-garde arrangements and thought-provoking lyrics, has garnered critical acclaim and a devoted following. Albums like "Actor" and "Masseduction" highlight St. Vincent's ability to fuse rock with electronic, jazz, and pop elements, creating a sound that is not easily mistake for other current rock bands with female singers.

St. Vincent's visual and musical artistry challenges conventional norms, questioning societal expectations of gender and performance. Her enigmatic persona and the theatricality of her live shows offer a fresh perspective on what it means to be a rock musician today, making her a key figure in the evolution of the genre and a trailblazer for future generations of female artists.

14. Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers

Wet Leg

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Wet Leg

Wet Leg is a current rock band with female singers, formed by Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers, that has quickly become a sensation in the indie rock world. Emerging from the Isle of Wight, their self-titled debut single "Chaise Longue" became an instant hit, showcasing their knack for blending humor with relatable themes against a backdrop of engaging indie pop melodies. Their music captures the essence of youth and introspection, wrapped in a veneer of playful sarcasm.

The duo's approach to music and performance, characterized by their unapologetic authenticity and laid-back style, challenges the industry's often polished and formulaic presentation of rock bands with female singers. By embracing their unique identity and showcasing a distinct sense of humor, Teasdale and Chambers are pioneering a new path for women in rock, proving that there's room for levity and self-expression in the genre's evolution.

15. Olivia Jean

The Black Belles

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Olivia Jean The Black Belles

Olivia Jean is making waves in the rock scene with her blend of surf rock, garage rock, and gothic aesthetics. Known for her tenure with The Black Belles and collaboration with Jack White, Jean has carved out a solo career that pays homage to vintage sounds while infusing them with a modern twist. Her album "Bathtub Love Killings" showcases her talent as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, drawing listeners into a world of darkly whimsical tales set against catchy melodies.

Jean's commitment to her unique sound and style challenges the expectations placed on modern female rock singers. By embracing and celebrating the macabre with a playful edge, she pushes the boundaries of traditional rock narratives, offering a fresh and invigorating perspective that inspires women to explore and express their full range of artistic interests.

16. Billy Nomates

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Billy nomates strom muc

Billy Nomates, the stage name of Tor Maries, has emerged as a powerful voice in the post-punk and indie scenes, known for her sharp wit and social commentary. Her self-titled debut album offers a raw, unfiltered look at modern life, blending punk ethos with electronic and rock elements. Her music resonates with those who feel disenfranchised by contemporary society, providing a soundtrack for the disillusioned.

Nomates' ability to articulate the struggles and injustices of everyday life, paired with her unique sound, sets her apart in the rock genre. Her work not only challenges societal norms but also offers a fresh perspective on the role of modern female rock singers, making her a beacon for aspiring musicians who seek to address real issues through their art.

17. Rebecca and Megan Lovell

Larkin Poe

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Larkin Poe Rebecca and Megan Lovell

Rebecca and Megan Lovell, the sisters behind Larkin Poe, have reinvigorated the blues and roots rock genre with their gritty guitar licks and harmonious vocals. Their music, deeply rooted in the American South's musical traditions, brings a contemporary edge to blues rock, showcased in albums like "Venom & Faith." Their skillful blend of traditional blues elements with modern rock has not only garnered them critical acclaim but also a dedicated fan base around the globe.

Larkin Poe's contribution to rock extends beyond their music; their dedication to reviving and reshaping the blues genre for a new generation challenges the industry's gender norms and highlights the pivotal role of current rock bands with female singers, in the evolution of rock music. By paying homage to their roots while pushing musical boundaries, the Lovell sisters inspire female musicians to explore and redefine genres traditionally dominated by men.

18. Matilda Mann

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Matilda Mann's delicate indie folk and soft rock compositions stand out for their introspective lyricism and ethereal soundscapes. Her gentle, nuanced approach to storytelling, combined with a keen sense of melody, has captured the hearts of listeners seeking solace and reflection in music. Tracks like "As It Is" and "Japan" showcase her ability to weave personal narratives with universal themes, resonating deeply with a wide audience.

Mann's music offers a counterpoint to the often loud and aggressive realms of rock, proving that strength can also be found in quietude and introspection. Her emergence among current rock bands with female singers in the indie scene underscores the diverse forms of expression available to women in rock, championing the idea that there's room for a wide range of experiences and sounds within the genre.


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BRATTY, the musical project of Mexican singer-songwriter and producer, has quickly made a mark with her blend of surf rock, bedroom pop, and indie. Singing in both Spanish and English, her music captures the essence of youthful exuberance and the complexities of growing up. With catchy melodies and relatable lyrics, BRATTY speaks to a generation navigating the challenges of love, identity, and belonging.

Her work not only resonates with listeners across cultural boundaries but also highlights the global influence of female artists in shaping the future of rock and pop music. By seamlessly integrating diverse musical influences, BRATTY exemplifies the innovative spirit of women in music, breaking down barriers and expanding the possibilities for artists everywhere.

20. Lily Fontain

English Teacher

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English Teacher, an emerging band from the UK, has quickly gained attention among current rock bands with female singers, for their inventive blend of post-punk and indie rock. With a sharp, observational lyricism and a dynamic sound that ranges from angular guitar riffs to expansive, atmospheric arrangements, they capture the complexity of contemporary life. Their tracks, filled with witty insights and social critiques, reflect a deep engagement with the world around them.

As frontwoman Lily Fontaine guides the band's explorations of genre and narrative, English Teacher demonstrates the vital role for modern female rock singers,  pushing the boundaries of rock music. Their approach to songwriting and performance challenges conventions, offering a compelling example of how rock bands with female singers can redefine the landscape of modern rock.

How to Support Female Rock Artists

If you're a fan of rock music and want to support rock bands with female singers singers that are shaking up the scene, here are some practical steps you can take:

1. Listen and Share

Discover and listen to female rock artists, both established and emerging, across various subgenres. Share their music with friends, curate playlists, and promote their work on social media. By amplifying their voices, you play a crucial role in expanding their reach and influence.

2. Attend Live Shows

Support female rock artists by attending their live performances. Besides having an unforgettable experience, you contribute to their financial success and show your appreciation for their artistry.

3. Purchase Merchandise and Music

Buy concert tickets, albums, and merchandise directly from female rock artists or independent record labels. This ensures that they receive a fair share of the profits and can continue creating music that resonates with you.

4. Research Local Talent

Explore your local rock music scene and keep an eye out for talented female artists. Attend their shows, support their releases, and help cultivate a community that celebrates and uplifts these performers.

5. Demand Gender Equality in the Industry

Encourage discussions and advocate for gender equality in the music industry. Support initiatives and organizations working towards fair representation and equal opportunities for female artists.

Remember, supporting female rock artists is not just about the music; it's about making a positive impact and fostering a more inclusive future.

Diversifying the Future of Rock

Rock bands with female singers have played an invaluable role in shaping the genre's history and continue to reshape its future. Through their talent, resilience, and authentic voices, they have inspired countless individuals to embrace their own power and fearlessly pursue their passions.

As fans and supporters, it is our responsibility to celebrate and uplift female rock artists. By actively engaging with their music, attending live shows, and demanding equality in the industry, we can help create a world where girl power reigns supreme on the stage and beyond.

So let us unite in unleashing the full force of girl power in rock, standing alongside the incredible women who rock our hearts and minds.

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