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Going Viral: 20 Essential TikTok Ideas for Musicians

Learn how to create engaging content, utilize platform features, participate in trends, and foster strong audience connections. Uncover the secrets behind leveraging TikTok's algorithm to maximize your music's exposure. Master the art of going viral, and take your music journey to another level by using on TikTok!

New rock bands stage dive

The Best New Rock Bands of the Last 10 Years

Talented new bands have been redefining rock 'n' roll in the 21st century, using cross-genre fusions, contemporary messages, and experimental innovations. Discover the perfect blend of raw creative energy and matured sounds, to add some great new rock 'n' roll to your playlists.

Arthur edelmans nu7 A Ox73 UOM unsplash

Is GigSalad Legit? A Comprehensive Unbiased Review

GigSalad has become one of the leading online marketplaces for live entertainment. In this comprehensive review we examine its features, interface, usability, pricing, and take a look at which of its top competitors musicians should consider. Find out if this platform can legitimately help you boost exposure and gig opportunities.

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How to Start Singing - A Beginner's Guide to Vocal Mastery

Turn your singing dreams into reality with our easy to follow guide to singing! We bust common singing myths that may be holding you back, and explain the tips and exercises needed to improve your voice and confidence. Ideal for anyone just getting started, or singers looking to brush-up and enhance their voice.

Jazz Albums

The 50 Best Jazz Artists Of All Time - Pioneers of Improv

From the pioneers like Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong, to modern virtuosos like Victor Wooten and Esperanza Spalding, our list of the 50 best jazz artists of all time will take you on a journey through the history of jazz. Discovering the musicians that have shaped the cross-section of tradition and innovation.

Break Queen Tribute Show La Sentinelle

How Much Do Tribute Bands Make: Tribute Act Overview

A nostalgic trip into the lucrative world of tribute bands. We examine the factors that impact tribute band earnings, review the legal aspects, and highlight what it takes practically, while spotlighting a few significant acts along the way. If you're contemplating starting a tribute band, or simply a music enthusiast, discover what influences the top tribute bands to hit the jackpot!

80s Rock Albums Records

The 50 Best Rock Bands from the '80s

Take a trip back to a decade when hard rock, heavy metal, glam metal and new wave dominated the airwaves. Relive all the hairspray-raising guitar solos, controversial lyrics, and hard hitting anthems that defined a generation, and changed the face of music forever.

ATL Big House Guitars

The 10 Best Music Stores in Atlanta, GA - A Musical Paradise

Explore Atlanta's rich musical heritage through a journey to 10 unique music stores. From vintage guitars to specialized violins, these shops offer a personal connection to the city's musical legacy, resonating with the sounds of jazz, hip-hop, and soul. Dive into the local scene and discover stores that are more than mere retail.