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To create profitable musicians and bands, by equipping them with the tools required to find success financially, skillfully, and in viral fan engagement.

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We strive to be the number one online resource for musicians and bands of all genres and skill levels.

Modern technology has created everything you need to showcase your talent to a global audience, and thrive as an independent musician. Today more than ever, no musician should be a "starving artist". You've worked hard to master your craft. Now, Band Pioneer will help you with the non-music aspects required to take your music to the next level.

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Jack Sutherland
Jack Sutherland
Founder & Developer

Meet Jack

A career musician and web developer for over 20 years, Jack Sutherland combined his talents and founded the Band Pioneer Brand. Together with an elite team of contributors and writers, we've been in the music industry since the pre-internet days. We’ve learned alongside it as social media and technology changed the game, and as revenue shifted from record labels to independent artists. We've been documenting all of it, to create the best collection of music information online, for you!

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