10 Amazing TikTok Music Artists You Should Follow

The Curtis Family Band Rehearsal

We all know TikTok for its endless stream of crazy pet videos and viral dance trends, but it's also a great place to discover highly talented musicians. Before social media, success in the music industry was largely a matter of luck, with even the most talented artists often struggling to gain recognition. Without the internet to broadcast themselves, musicians had to rely on handing out demo tapes, hoping to get airplay on local radio stations, or being asked to open for more well-known artists to introduce themselves to a wider circle of fans. Record labels were the only entities that could reach a national or global audience, so catching the eye of a record executive was everyone's goal. However, that was a long shot; most musicians were confined to performing in local venues, where their audience was limited to the handful of people who showed up on any given night.

Fast-forward to the 2020s, and internet services have revolutionized the music industry, offering independent musicians a global stage right at their fingertips. Musicians now have the ability to capture the attention of millions overnight. Those who are truly talented will eventually get noticed and gather thousands of fans that would have been out of reach 20 years ago. We reached out to 10 of these artists who we believe truly bring something special to the table. Some of them are widely followed and doing amazing things that we want to make sure you know about, while others are less known and still waiting to be discovered by a broader audience. What they all share is that they are definitely worth following, and will genuinely enrich your TikTok scrolling experience.

El Estepario Siberiano

4M Followers on TikTok

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El estepario siberiano

Jorge Garrido, known on TikTok as El Estepario Siberiano, has rapidly become a phenomenon in the world of drumming. From the streets of Valencia, Spain, he has transformed the conventional role of drumming into a leading spectacle with explosive and complex covers of rock and pop songs that leave even the most experienced drummers in awe. Esteemed drummers like Mike Portnoy and Gregg Bissonette have praised his skills and innovative approach, recognizing him as one of the most inspiring drummers online.

His journey into drumming began in his childhood, inspired by the drumming on a Green Day concert DVD. He got his first drum kit at 12 and quickly developed a passion that turned into a professional pursuit. Known for lightning-fast foot work, and multi-stick innovative techniques, he's not just a drummer; he's a performer and musical engineer, captivating viewers with every beat.

Beyond entertainment, El Estepario Siberiano is committed to educating and inspiring upcoming drummers. His tutorials and social media content on platforms like YouTube and Instagram showcase not only his skill but also his role as an educator. Whether it’s through complex 4-way coordination patterns or insights into drumming independence, he seeks to unlock creativity in others. 

El Estepario Siberiano on TikTok

The Curtis Family

40K Followers on TikTok

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The curtis family

The Curtis Family is a vibrant example of how music can merge with family, friends or community, into an enriching artistic experience on TikTok. This fun and entertaining family band hasn't changed their approach to music because of TikTok, but have used it to broaden their reach, and bring their message to a diverse and global audience. When we reached out to Papa C, the band's producer and leading member, he emphasized "TikTok has given us a platform by which we're able to shrink this vast world into a community. It’s so important that people receive our message of love and family and the importance of community."

You can catch them streaming live on TikTok and other platforms every Monday at 7:30 PM PST, when the band hosts their "Live Rehearsal Music Mondays", with TikTok drawing the largest crowd. These sessions not only feature their music but also allow fans to engage directly with the band through extended Q&A sessions, enhancing the sense of community and connection.

Breakthrough Moments That Shaped Their Music

What makes The Curtis Family stand out is their rich history, breakthrough moments, and the musical wisdom they share. Papa C recalls playing with the Count Basie Orchestra and producing music with Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire as pivotal experiences. Mama C describes their rehearsals as moments of liftoff, aiming to share that exhilarating feeling with their audience. The entire family is deeply involved in music, with each member playing multiple instruments and contributing vocals, underscoring their immense amount of multi-talented band members.

Advice for Aspiring Musicians

Their advice to aspiring musicians is heartfelt and practical. "Stay original but borrow from everyone, credit those who teach and inspire you" Papa C advises. Mama C wisely told us "It’s not about numbers, it’s about COMMUNITY. Nurture your community, focus on what connects you and your supporters, the growth will happen from there". 

In the coming months, fans have much to look forward to, including The Curtis Family's performance at The Stone Soul Concert and the release of their second album, which will be celebrated at the Blue Note in Napa on July 27th. Their ongoing weekly livestreams continue to be a central part of their connection with fans, offering regular insights into their musical world.

Click here to read our entire interview with The Curtis Family.

The Curtis Family on TikTok

Harry Mack

8M Followers on TikTok

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Harry mack

Harry Mack has gone from an internet sensation to one of the most dynamic freestyle rappers of his generation, and arguably one of the best freestylers ever. He's blown up online with his incredible ability to craft spontaneous raps that go into detail about his audience, resonating deeply with them. With a unique style rooted in his jazz drumming background, Harry integrates the improvisational spirit of jazz with the rhythmic and lyrical complexity of hip-hop. This blend allows him to create visual freestyle rapping that captivates listeners and viewers, whether he's performing on the streets or through his well-followed social media channels.

Harry first gained significant attention with his viral Venice Beach Freestyle video, which showcased his skill in real-time, rapping about anything from onlookers' outfits to random words thrown his way. This breakout moment led to numerous opportunities, sharing platforms with music and entertainment giants like Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, and even appearances on shows with Ellen DeGeneres and Jennifer Hudson. His engaging content and live performances, characterized by their positivity and interactive nature, have amassed millions of views, cementing his position as a prominent content creator across YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch.

Harry’s innovative use of YouTube’s Super Chat feature during his live streams illustrates his savvy understanding of digital engagement. Fans participate actively by paying to highlight their comments or words, which Harry then seamlessly incorporates into his freestyle raps. This interaction not only fuels his creative process but has also become a significant revenue stream. For instance, during a special 10-hour livestream to celebrate reaching one million subscribers, he earned about $33,000 from Super Chat contributions alone, underscoring the lucrative and interactive nature of his performances.

Harry Mack's journey from street performances to digital stardom demonstrates the evolving landscape of music and entertainment in the digital age. His ability to connect with fans through spontaneous musical creation makes him a standout artist, and his innovative use of technology to enhance and monetize his art serves as an inspiration to both established and aspiring musicians. His approach offers a blueprint on how modern artists can leverage digital platforms not just for exposure but as integral elements of their artistic and commercial strategy.

Harry Mack on TikTok

Stacey Ryan

1.5M Followers on TikTok

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Stacey ryan

Stacey Ryan, a rising Canadian singer-songwriter, has captivated audiences with her engaging presence on TikTok, particularly during her live sessions where she performs popular song requests. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Stacey's musical journey is marked by her deep roots in jazz and a flair for connecting with fans through innovative social media interactions.

Her breakthrough came in January 2022 with the viral success of her single "Don't Text Me When You're Drunk." Utilizing TikTok's unique platform, she launched an "open verse challenge" that invited users to add their own lyrics to her song. This creative approach led to the song garnering hundreds of millions of views, with about 40,000 TikTok users participating, and even caught the attention of Jimmy Fallon, who performed his version on The Tonight Show. This viral phenomenon significantly boosted her profile and led to her signing with Island Records.

Stacey's talent and appeal continued to grow with the release of her single "Fall in Love Alone," which not only achieved international success by topping the Billboard Indonesia Songs chart but also became a favorite among her TikTok followers. Her ability to blend expressive lyrics with captivating melodies was further showcased in her debut EP, "I Don't Know What Love Is," released in April 2023. Beyond the studio, Stacey has also made her mark live, having performed at prestigious venues like the Montreal International Jazz Festival and joining tours with notable artists such as Joshua Bassett and the band Lawrence. Her journey from a jazz student in Montreal to an international music sensation underscores the transformative power of social media and the universal language of music.

Stacey Ryan on TikTok

Charles Berthoud

250K Followers on TikTok

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Charles Berthoud

Charles Berthoud may be the most talented bass player to grace the instrument, since Victor Wooten. He is redefining the potential of the bass with his exceptional talent and innovative approach to music composition. This British-Finnish musician, now based between the US and UK, showcases a mastery that makes him one of the most promising bass players on the global stage. Similar to Wooten, he's known for his slap bass and two-handed tapping techniques, producing compositions that are as technically impressive as they are emotionally compelling.

From humble beginnings as a baggage handler with dreams of music stardom, Charles’s journey took a pivotal turn when he was accepted into the prestigious Berklee College of Music. It was there that he refined his skills under the guidance of bass impresario Jim Stinnett, and where he co-authored the instructional book "Two-Handed Tapping." His education and relentless dedication have seen him evolve into a versatile musician whose styles span pop, rock, Celtic, bluegrass, and funk, making him a sought-after collaborator worldwide.

Charles's performances are a blend of high-energy showmanship and intricate musicality, captivating audiences at venues like The Capitol Center for the Arts and Agganis Arena in Boston. His solo albums, "New Age of Solo Bass" and "Don’t Look Back," showcase not only his technical dexterity but also his deep musical sensibility, with compositions that push the boundaries of traditional bass playing. His ability to meld complex techniques with genuine artistry makes following his musical journey on TikTok and other platforms a truly enriching experience for fans around the world.

Charles Berthoud on TikTok

One Hacker Band

150K Followers on TikTok

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One hacker band

The One Hacker Band is a groundbreaking project that merges the realms of robotics and music, creating a fully automated band capable of playing iconic rock and pop hits. Engineered by a visionary who sees beyond conventional musical boundaries, this all-robot band has skillfully performed classics like Metallica's "Enter Sandman," Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water," and even tackled Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." This project not only showcases impressive technical skill but also redefines what's possible in the fusion of technology and the arts.

Each robot in the One Hacker Band is equipped with custom-designed mechanisms that allow them to play instruments—electric guitar, bass guitar, and drums—with surprising precision and flair. Beyond just covers, this robotic trio has the capability to perform original material generated through AI, using advanced machine learning techniques like those found in the Magenta Studio plugin for Ableton. This innovative approach not only demonstrates the potential of robotic musicianship but also explores new creative horizons where technology can lead musical expression.

The band's performances are not merely about replicating human ability but pushing the envelope of technological integration in music. With plans to enhance the robotic instruments further—including a new guitar that can access all 12 strings—the One Hacker Band is on the brink of even more complex and compelling performances. For those intrigued by the intersection of cutting-edge technology and music, following One Hacker Band on Instagram offers a front-row seat to the evolution of this extraordinary musical experiment.

One Hacker Band on TikTok

DJ Livia

1M Followers on TikTok

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Dj Livia

DJ Livia is a remarkably talented DJ and music producer who has been captivating audiences since a very young age. Born on January 15, 2007, this young sensation from Brazil has videos on YouTube scratching as early as 2014, meaning she must have began her DJ career as young as 6 or 7. Since then her reputation has grown as her infectious beats and captivating stage presence have attracted a loyal following. Now at 16 years old at the time of this article (2024), she continues to impress the music industry with her dynamic performances, establishing herself as a major rising star.

In 2018 DJ Livia released her debut single, "Wildfire," which solidified her place as a notable artist in the electronic music scene. Her music draws inspiration from a variety of genres, including EDM, pop, and Brazilian music, creating a distinctive and energetic sound that resonates with audiences worldwide. Influenced by renowned artists like Skrillex, Diplo, and Calvin Harris, DJ Livia's style is a vibrant blend of high-energy beats and eclectic influences, making her a unique and refreshing presence in the music industry.

Beyond her incredible talent, DJ Livia's love for nature and her positive approach to life reflect in her music and performances. She frequently incorporates nature-inspired elements into her work, creating an engaging and immersive experience for her fans. Active on social media, she uses platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to connect with her audience, share updates about her music, and spread her infectious energy. Fans should follow her on TikTok to witness her remarkable talent, innovative mixes, and inspiring journey as one of the youngest and most exciting DJs on the scene today.

DJ Livia on TikTok


20K Followers on TikTok

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Bree on uh

Brianna aka Bree-on-uh on TikTok, is a 20-year-old alternative pop musician from Long Island, New York, with a captivating story. Her laid-back, melancholy indie pop-rock sound began to catch the attention of TikTok users after another influencer scammed her for money. In the world of social media, sometimes music alone isn't enough, and musicians have to get clever with their videos to attract attention. In Brianna's case, this ironic negative event turned into a positive, as thousands of viewers followed to support her, only to realize she was extremely talented as well. Her music offers a fresh and emotive take on the genre, resonating with anyone who appreciates introspective lyrics coupled with a modern pop sensibility. With just the right touch of raw emotion, she's sure to become a compelling figure in the alternative pop scene.

Impact of TikTok on Bree-oh-uh's Musical Promotion

TikTok has become a formidable force in the music industry, profoundly affecting how artists promote their music, even if it doesn't change how they create it. When we reached out to her, Bree-on-uh told us, "TikTok runs the music industry," highlighting the platform's enormous influence. She has adapted by increasing the frequency and quality of her posts, saying, "I’ve realized that I must be on top of posting multiple times a day. I’ve also improved the quality of my content and have been working with various videographers to ensure that I have professional looking vertical content to post". This strategic approach helps her music shine in a crowded digital landscape.

Bree-oh-uh's Viral Breakthrough

Bree-on-uh's unexpected breakthrough came from an unlikely scenario—a scam that cost her $20. She turned this experience into a compelling TikTok story, which catapulted her visibility. "The best thing that ever happened for my music career was getting scammed out of $20! I posted the story time about this situation on TikTok. Through that viral video people started to discover my music! The video now has over 2 million views and has gained me a following of 15,000 people!" she shares. This event highlights how unexpected moments, when shared authentically, can propel an artist's career forward.

Advice for Aspiring Musicians

For aspiring musicians, Bree-on-uh emphasizes the importance of authenticity over chasing fame or follower counts. "Don’t make music for the sole purpose of gaining followers or becoming rich and famous," she advises. She encourages artists to create music that they love, which will, in turn, attract a true audience. "It’s not easy," she notes, urging patience and resilience. Remembering why one started creating music is crucial: "Don’t be so hard on yourself and remember why you started creating in the first place!" This philosophy is central to building a dedicated and supportive fanbase while staying true to one's artistic roots.

Through her experiences and insights, Bree-on-uh underscores the unique challenges and opportunities that modern musicians face, demonstrating the power of authenticity and adaptability in today's digital music industry.

Bree-on-uh on TikTok


38K Followers on TikTok

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Dywane Thomas Jr. is an American bassist, better known as MonoNeon not only for the vibrant bright neon colors he always wears and surrounds himself with, but for his equally vibrant experimental approach to music as well. On all accounts he's one of the most inventive bass players of his generation. Not only is he celebrated for his astounding skill and unique playing style, but MonoNeon also holds the prestigious title of being one of the last musicians to work with the legendary artist Prince. This collaboration alone marks a significant highlight in his career, showcasing his caliber as a musician.

Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, MonoNeon's journey in music began at a young age. He is known for his unconventional technique—playing a right-handed bass left-handed, which allows him to explore unique bends and slaps that invert traditional bass playing. His style is a funky blend of Southern soul, blues, and funk with a twist of avant-garde. This distinct sound not only captivates his listeners but also pushes the boundaries of typical bass guitar music, incorporating elements like microtonality and improvisation that reflect his deep appreciation for the artistry of bass.

MonoNeon's impact on music extends beyond performances and collaborations. His presence on TikTok and other social media platforms is marked by his vibrant personality and ability to engage with a broad audience. His videos, which often feature flamboyant, neon-colored attire and quirky performances, resonate with viewers for their creativity and entertainment value. Beyond just a performer, MonoNeon is a visionary who uses his platform to challenge conventional music norms and inspire a new generation of musicians.

Why should you follow MonoNeon on TikTok? His channel is a gateway to experiencing the fusion of high-level musical craftsmanship with sheer entertainment. Watching MonoNeon play is not just about listening to music; it's about witnessing the performance art that comes with each strum and slap of his bass. Whether he's covering popular songs, showcasing original compositions, or sharing snippets of life as a touring musician, MonoNeon brings something truly unique to the table—making him a must-follow for music lovers and aspiring musicians alike.

MonoNeon on TikTok

Lionel Randolph

45K Followers on TikTok

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Lionel Randolph is a street guitarist whose music—a potent mix of funk, soul, and rock—resonates with the energy of live performances. Playing on the sidewalks and open spaces of bustling streets, Lionel has successfully leveraged TikTok to bring his outdoor gigs to a broader audience, amassing 45,000 followers. His performances, which he streams live, feel as immediate and vibrant as if he were right in front of you. This immediacy has not only broadened his reach but also intensified the emotional connection with his audience, making each session an intimate concert.

TikTok's Impact on Lionel's Music

TikTok has provided Lionel with a venue as expansive as television, where he performs knowing the whole world could be watching. We reached out to him recently and he explained, "TikTok has fundamentally shifted my approach. I go live and it's like the whole wide world can see me, and it's like I'm on TV. I try to capture the best things that I could bring to the table." This awareness has pushed him to polish his act, ensuring that what he brings to the table truly showcases his best talent and energy. People follow him because his music isn't just heard; it's felt, often channeling deep personal emotions into powerful performances that resonate with so many. 

Notable Moments and Advice

Reflecting on a deeply personal experience, Lionel shared, "The thing that helped me excel as a musician was losing my mother; that was like I lost my whole wide world." He channels this profound loss into his music, which deeply resonates during his performances: "I play my guitar so hard sometimes it makes me cry." From this perspective Lionel emphasizes the importance of maintaining a genuine and optimistic outlook, offering heartfelt advice to new musicians: "Keep it positive, keep it real, keep striving positive. Always go further than negative, remain happy, and let the sun shine... and always put God first."

Lionel Randolph on TikTok

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