The 100 Best Artists of All Time: From Vinyl to Streaming

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Music is a universal language that transcends borders, tears down walls, and brings people together. This includes generational boundaries, as old genres are reborn by innovative contemporary artists into new songs, and former hits are remade or sampled in new tracks. However, when we talk about the best artists of all time, we're often stuck in the past, judging artists by metrics that no longer exist, such as album sales or radio airtime. So we thought it was time to mix things up and include a modern spin on our analysis of the greatest music artists of all time.

Because of the deep connection we all share with these artists, determining which of them are "the best" is impossibly subjective. So we've separated them into more objective groups that include both modern and traditional metrics, including the most albums sold, the most concert ticket sales, the most number 1 hit songs, the most Grammy awards, the most digital streams, and the largest social media followings to keep it relevant to contemporary artists. But before we get to our full list of the top 100, here's how the artists broke down in each of these categories.

Artists with Most Albums Sold

The Beatles and Lill Babs 1963
Often considered the greatest band of all time, the Beatles have sold over 160 million studio albums, and 200 million LPs or compilations.

While streaming has replaced physical album sales over the past decade or so, throughout most of modern history, album sales were the primary indicator of a music artist's success. They not only resulted in financial wealth for the artist and their record label, but were also an objective way to know which artists the general public were most interested in. These are the top 10 artists with the most albums sold, including studio albums, EPs, and other significant commercial albums. *
* Data from ChartMasters

1. The Beatles

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Over 360 million total albums sold

Often hailed as the greatest music artists of all time, The Beatles transformed the music landscape with their innovative songwriting and harmonies. With timeless albums like "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," they sold 160,650,000 copies. Their cultural and musical influence remains unparalleled, even decades after their peak.

2. Michael Jackson

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Over 280 million total albums sold

Known as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson revolutionized the music industry with his innovative sound, groundbreaking music videos, and electrifying performances. His albums, including "Thriller" and "Bad," have sold a staggering 182,600,000 copies, making him one of the best-selling artists in history. His influence on pop culture is immeasurable.

3. Elvis Presley

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Over 260 million total albums sold

Elvis Presley, known as the King of Rock 'n' Roll, revolutionized the music industry with his dynamic voice, charismatic performances, and groundbreaking blend of rock, country, and blues. With over 260 million albums sold, he remains one of the best-selling artists of all time. His enduring influence on music and popular culture is unparalleled, cementing his legacy as a true icon.

4. Pink Floyd

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Over 220 million total albums sold

Pink Floyd, a legendary rock band, is celebrated for their complex music, philosophical lyrics, and elaborate live shows. Their iconic albums, such as "The Dark Side of the Moon" and "The Wall," have sold 169,600,000 copies. Their music has left a profound impact on rock and progressive music genres.

5. Madonna

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Over 200 million total albums sold

The "Queen of Pop" has consistently pushed the boundaries of music and fashion. Her ability to reinvent herself has kept her relevant across generations. With 146,450,000 albums sold, including hits like "Like a Virgin" and "Ray of Light," she remains one of the top-selling female artists of all time.

6. Led Zeppelin

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Over 190 million total albums sold

Led Zeppelin's powerful rock anthems and pioneering hard rock sound have cemented their place in music history. Their influential albums, including "Led Zeppelin IV" and "Physical Graffiti," have sold 141,500,000 copies. They are revered for their contributions to rock music and their lasting legacy.

7. AC/DC

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Over 180 million total albums sold

AC/DC, the iconic rock band, is known for their high-energy performances and timeless rock hits like "Back in Black." With 132,470,000 albums sold, they are one of the best-selling rock bands in history. Their music continues to resonate with rock fans across generations.

8. U2

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Over 180 million total albums sold

Led by Bono, U2 is renowned for their anthemic sound and socially conscious lyrics. Their albums, including "The Joshua Tree" and "Achtung Baby," have sold 127,100,000 copies. U2's ability to evolve with the times while maintaining their core message has made them a lasting force in rock music.

9. Mariah Carey

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Over 150 million total albums sold

Mariah Carey's extraordinary vocal range and impressive songwriting skills have made her a pop icon. With hits like "Hero" and "We Belong Together," her albums have sold 121,913,000 copies. She holds the record for the most No. 1 singles by a solo artist, showcasing her enduring popularity and influence.

10. Metallica

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Over 140 million total albums sold

Their aggressive sound and complex compositions have defined the thrash metal genre. Known for albums like "Master of Puppets" and "The Black Album," Metallica has sold 121,260,000 copies. Their relentless touring and dedication to their craft have earned them a loyal global fanbase and critical acclaim.

Artists with Most Number One Hits

Rihanna with dancers live at Kollen Music Festival 2012
Rihanna leads all contemporary artists, with 14 songs appearing on the Billboard Hot 100

In addition to album sales, the number of No. 1 hits has long been a key measure of an artist's success. Achieving a No. 1 hit signifies widespread popularity and cultural impact, reflecting which songs and artists resonate most with the public. Here are the top artists with the most number one hits, not including the following 4 that were already mentioned with the artists with the most albums sold. *
* Data from Billboard

  • The Beatles (20 number 1 hits)
  • Mariah Carey (19 number 1 hits)
  • Michael Jackson (13 number 1 hits)
  • Madonna (12 number 1 hits) 

1. Rihanna

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14 Number 1 hits

With an impressive 14 No. 1 hits, Rihanna one of the foremost artists with the most number one hits. Her versatile voice and ability to reinvent her sound have kept her at the top of the charts. Hits like "Umbrella" and "Diamonds" showcase her enduring appeal and global influence.

2. Drake

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14 Number 1 hits

Drake unique blend of rap and R&B, coupled with introspective lyrics, has redefined the music landscape. With 14 number 1 hits, he has earned a spot among the best artists of all time.

3a. The Supremes

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14 Number 1 hits

The Supremes, featuring Diana Ross, are celebrated as one of the artists with the most number one hits, with 12 chart-toppers. Their elegant harmonies and captivating performances defined the Motown sound, making them one of the most successful girl groups in history and leaving a lasting legacy in music.

3b. Taylor Swift

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14 Number 1 hits

A contemporary name that needs no introduction, Taylor Swift has become an icon to music fans, with 14 number 1 hits. Her ability to cross genres from country to pop has garnered a massive following. Swift’s relatable lyrics and catchy melodies continue to dominate the charts and influence a new generation of musicians.

4. Whitney Houston

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11 Number 1 hits

Whitney Houston, with 11 No. 1 hits, is one of the legendary artists with the most number one hits. Known for her powerful voice and emotional delivery, her music has touched millions. Hits like "I Will Always Love You" have cemented her place as an icon in pop and soul music.

5a. Stevie Wonder

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10 Number 1 hits

Stevie Wonder, one of the most influential artists with the most number one hits, has created timeless classics that span decades. With 10 No. 1 hits, his soulful voice and innovative use of instruments have defined his music, making him a beloved figure in the world of R&B and pop.

5b. Janet Jackson

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10 Number 1 hits

Janet Jackson is a powerhouse in pop and R&B, standing out among artists with the most number one hits, boasting 10 chart-toppers. Her dynamic performances and socially conscious lyrics have resonated with audiences worldwide, solidifying her legacy in the music industry and influencing countless artists.

Most Streamed Artists on Spotify

The Weeknd at Bumbershoot 2015 21367628469
The Weeknd has amassed over 57 million streams, making him one of the digital age's most popular artists

Moving beyond traditional measures of success, it's important to also consider artists who are excelling in the digital age. The most streamed artists on Spotify highlight contemporary popularity and the changing landscape of music consumption. The following top 2 artists with the most streams have already been mentioned, and are not included:

  • Taylor Swift (over 81,570,848,414 streams)
  • Drake (over 75,888,958,728 streams) 

Here are the next top 5 artists with the most streams on Spotify, that are showcasing immense appeal in today's music streaming era.*
* Data from ChartMasters

1. Bad Bunny

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Over 72,085,724,598 streams on Spotify

Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican reggaeton and Latin trap artist known for his innovative sound and genre-blending music. His infectious beats and catchy lyrics resonate deeply with fans, making him a dominant force on Spotify and a key figure in modern Latin music.

2. The Weeknd

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Over 57,343,502,865 streams on Spotify

The Weeknd is known for his distinctive voice and dark, moody sound that blends R&B, pop, and electronic music. His ability to craft hit songs with emotional depth and innovative production has made him one of the most streamed artists on Spotify.

3. Ed Sheeran

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Over 48,238,743,154 streams on Spotify

A British singer-songwriter whose heartfelt lyrics and acoustic melodies have captivated a global audience. Ed Sheeran's versatile sound, ranging from intimate ballads to upbeat pop tracks, has earned him a massive following and a place among the most streamed artists on Spotify.

4. Ariana Grande

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Over 44,608,055,050 streams on Spotify

An American pop and R&B singer known for her powerful vocals and wide vocal range. Ariana Grande's ability to deliver hit after hit, combined with a strong social media presence, makes her a favorite among fans and one of the most streamed artists on Spotify.

5. Justin Bieber

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Over 42,580,245,107 streams on Spotify

This Canadian pop sensation has evolved from teen idol to mature artist has kept him relevant in the music industry. His catchy tunes and collaborations with various artists have ensured his continued popularity and status as one of the most streamed artists on Spotify.

Artists with Most Concert Ticket Sales

Bruce Springsteen Steven Van Zandt
After 50 years of touring, Bruce Springsteen leads all artists with over 24 million concert tickets sold

You can't evaluate the best artists of all time, without including those that have bestowed us with amazing live experiences. Concert ticket sales are a great measure of an artist's popularity and ability to draw crowds. These are the greatest music artists of all time with the most concert ticket sales, excluding U2 with 26.84 million ticket sales and Metallica with 19.46 million ticket sales, as they have already been mentioned.*
* Data from Wikipedia

1. Bruce Springsteen

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Over 24 million concert tickets sold

Bruce Springsteen aka "The Boss" is renowned for his electrifying live performances and deep connection with his audience. Known as "The Boss," his concerts are legendary for their length and energy, making him one of the top artists with the most concert ticket sales.

2. Dave Matthews Band

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Over 23 million concert tickets sold

Dave Matthews Band has sold roughly 23.27 million concert tickets, reflecting their immense popularity as a live act. Their unique blend of rock, jazz, and jam band styles, along with their improvisational performances, has made them a favorite among fans and one of the most streamed artists on Spotify.

3. The Rolling Stones

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Over 22 million concert tickets sold

It's no surprise that these iconic rock legends are on this list, having captivated audiences with energetic and timeless performances for over 60 years! Their ability to consistently sell out stadiums worldwide solidifies their status as one of the top artists with the most concert ticket sales.

4. Elton John

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Over 20 million concert tickets sold

Throughout his career, Elton John has had an enduring appeal as a live performer. Known for his flamboyant stage presence and hit-filled performances, his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour is a testament to his lasting impact on music and his ability to draw massive crowds.

5. Coldplay

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Over 19 million concert tickets sold

With so many tenured names on this list, it's highly impressive for a band that started in the late-90s to be included. and yet Coldplay continues to be a major force in contemporary live music. Their innovative shows, featuring spectacular visuals and immersive experiences, have made them one of the top artists with the most concert ticket sales, resonating with fans around the world.

Artists with Most Grammys

Beyoncé e Jay Z
As the most Grammy winning couple of all time, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are tied for Grammy nominations, with 88 each

The artists with most Grammys represent a pinnacle of musical achievement, recognized by their peers for exceptional talent and contribution to the industry. This prestigious award highlights the creativity and excellence of musicians across various genres. Here are the top artists with the most Grammys, celebrating their significant impact on music and their impressive collection of awards (data from the Grammy Awards database).*
* Data from the Grammy's Official Website

1. Beyoncé

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32 Grammy Awards

Beyoncé has become a household name by making history in 2023 as the artist with the most Grammys ever! Her versatile talent spans R&B, pop, and hip-hop, and her groundbreaking albums and powerful performances have earned her widespread acclaim. Beyoncé's influence on music and culture is unparalleled, making her a true icon.

2. Georg Solti

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31 Grammy Awards

Georg Solti is a name many of you may not recognize, and yet he's a legendary conductor, holding 31 Grammy Awards. His exceptional work in classical music, particularly with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, has set a high standard for orchestral performances and recordings, cementing his legacy in the classical music world.

3. Quincy Jones

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28 Grammy Awards

While not known as a musician, Quincy Jones stands out among best artists of all time, as a legendary producer and composer holding 28 Grammy Awards. His work spans jazz, pop, and film scores, and he has collaborated with numerous iconic artists. Jones's innovative contributions have profoundly shaped modern music, making him a revered figure in the industry.

4. Alison Krauss

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27 Grammy Awards

Alison Krauss is a bluegrass and country music sensation with 27 Grammy Awards, placing her among the top artists with most Grammys. Her soulful voice and exceptional fiddle playing have captivated audiences, and her contributions to bluegrass have brought the genre to a wider audience, solidifying her as a music legend.

5. Chick Corea

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27 Grammy Awards

A name our Jazz fans have seen listed as one of the top 50 jazz artists of all time, Chick Corea is the best artist of all time with most Grammys in the jazz genre. His virtuosity as a pianist and his innovative compositions have left a lasting impact on jazz music. Corea's ability to blend various styles and push musical boundaries has earned him a revered place in music history.

Artists with Largest Social Media Following

Selena Gomez TODAY Show Live
Selena Gomez has been a social media trailblazer, with leading stats on many popular platforms.

Record labels, radio stations and brick and mortar stores are yesterday's path to stardom. This list includes artists that are blazing a new trail for musicians towards fame by building the largest social media following. We've chosen not to include artists that gained fame as online personalities before launching their music careers, such as Bella Poarch and Kimberly Loaiza. But as the digital age continues to march on, the best artists of all time must include those that have launched their music careers by going viral on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and other online platforms. 

1. Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez is a social media trailblazer. She was the first woman to reach 400 million followers on Instagram and was the most-followed person on Instagram in 2016. Additionally, she is one of the most-followed people on Twitter, Spotify, Facebook, and TikTok. She's known for her versatile talent in music and acting, with music often exploring emotional themes of love and self-empowerment. Her genuine connection and openness about mental health, has produced a lot of  engaging, relatable and inspiring online content for her fans.

2. Justin Bieber

With over 73 million YouTube subscribers, Justin Bieber is often the face of social media music artists, as one of the first to get noticed on YouTube. His journey began when his mother posted videos of him singing on YouTube, which quickly gained a following. Talent agent Scooter Braun discovered him through these videos, leading to Bieber's rise to stardom. His story is one of the first examples of an independent music artist gaining fame through the internet, setting a precedent that many aspire to follow today. Known for his pop and R&B hits, Bieber's music often explores themes of love and personal growth, resonating with a wide audience.

3. Billie Eilish

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Billie Eilish has over 64 million TikTok followers and 51 million YouTube subscribers, becoming a contemporary icon among music lovers on social media. Her unique sound, characterized by dark, introspective lyrics and a minimalist aesthetic, has resonated with a global audience. Her relatable, candid online presence has strengthened her connection with fans, making her a standout in today's music scene.

4. BTS

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This global K-pop sensation boasts over 65 million TikTok followers and over 78 million YouTube subscribers. As one of the artists with the largest social media following, BTS has leveraged their online presence to build a dedicated fanbase worldwide. Their dynamic performances, heartfelt lyrics, and impressive choreography have captured the hearts of millions. Fans enjoy their socially conscious music and the members' candid interactions, making their content both entertaining and meaningful.


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This K-pop group’s high-energy performances and catchy songs have earned them a massive global audience. Their music blends pop, hip-hop, and EDM, often accompanied by visually stunning music videos. Fans love their fierce stage presence and the group's charismatic personalities, which shine through their social media content and interactions. They have an extremely impressive 93 million YouTube subscribers, making them one of the leading artists on social media.

6. Jason Derulo

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Jason Derulo has amassed 59 million followers on TikTok, making him one of the top artists with the largest social media following. Known for his catchy pop and R&B hits, Derulo's music often features infectious beats and danceable rhythms. His creative and entertaining videos, which frequently include dance challenges and viral trends, have resonated with a broad audience. His ability to blend music with engaging social media content keeps fans coming back for more.

7. Eminem

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With nearly 60 million YouTube subscribers and over 43 million followers on Instagram, Eminem is one of the older names in music that has created a substantial presence via contemporary channels. Known for his raw and powerful lyrics, Eminem's music often addresses personal struggles, societal issues, and emotional intensity. His ability to adapt and maintain relevance in the digital age highlights his enduring appeal and influence, attracting fans who appreciate his authenticity and lyrical prowess.

8. Karol G

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Karol G has amassed 69 million Instagram followers, 36 million YouTube subscribers, and 52 million TikTok followers. As one of the artists with the largest social media following, her vibrant personality and reggaeton hits have made her a favorite among fans. Her ability to connect with a diverse audience and her strong presence in the Latin music scene have driven her meteoric rise in the industry.

9. Katy Perry

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Known for her catchy pop anthems and playful persona, Katy Perry has attracted a massive online audience. Her colorful and imaginative music videos, along with her charismatic presence, keep her at the forefront of popular music. She has accumulated 45 million YouTube subscribers and 69 million Instagram followers, becoming a pop sensation via social media channels. 

10. Marshmello

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Fans love Marshmello for his electronic dance music and distinctive marshmallow helmet, he has created a strong visual and musical brand. His ability to produce hit tracks and engage fans through his unique persona has garnered a vast following, making him a standout in the EDM scene. He boast an impressive 57 million subscribers on YouTube.

The 100 Best Artists of All Time

Michael Jackson Mural
The Beatles and Michael Jackson are both in the top 2 for total albums sold, and total number 1 hits

The greatest music artists of all time have shaped the music we know and love through both traditional and modern channels. While album sales, MTV, radio stations and the Billboard 100 have traditionally determined  the best artists of all time, the digital age has introduced media streams and social media networks as new metrics. This list celebrates the old bands and musicians with the new, highlighting past champions, while welcoming newcomers, and ranking those that excel across multiple categories the highest.

  1. The Beatles:20 Number 1 hits, 160 million albums sold
  2. Michael Jackson:13 Number 1 hits, 182 million albums sold
  3. Madonna:146 million albums sold, 12 number 1 hits, 12 million concert tickets sold
  4. Stevie Wonder:10 Number 1 hits, 25 Grammy Awards, 65 million albums sold
  5. U2:22 Grammy Awards, 127 million albums sold, 26 million concert tickets sold
  6. Mariah Carey:19 Number 1 hits, 121 million albums sold
  7. Taylor Swift:12 Number 1 hits, 81 billion streams, 53 million YouTube subscribers
  8. Bruce Springsteen:20 Grammy Awards, 103 million albums sold, 24 million concert tickets sold
  9. Whitney Houston:11 Number 1 hits, 113 million albums sold
  10. The Rolling Stones:22 million concert tickets sold, 113 million albums sold
  11. Drake:13 Number 1 hits, 75 billion streams
  12. Barbra Streisand:140 million albums sold, 10 Grammy awards, 5 number 1 hits
  13. Rihanna:14 Number 1 hits, 32 billion streams
  14. Prince:86 million albums sold, 7 Grammys, 4 MTV Video Music Awards, an Academy Award, and a Golden Globe
  15. Beyoncé:32 Grammy Awards, 13 million concert tickets sold, over 23 billion streams
  16. Eminem:98 million albums sold, nearly 60 million YouTube subscribers, 43 million Instagram followers
  17. Metallica:19 million concert tickets sold, 121 million albums sold
  18. Elvis Presley:over 280 million albums sold
  19. Elton John:22 million concert tickets sold, 88 million albums sold
  20. Paul McCartney:18 Grammy Awards, 61 million albums sold
  21. Bon Jovi:17 million concert tickets sold, 89 million albums sold
  22. Billy Joel:17 million concert tickets sold, 91 million albums sold
  23. The Supremes:12 Number 1 hits
  24. Queen: 230 million albums sold
  25. Janet Jackson:10 Number 1 hits
  26. Chick Corea:27 Grammy Awards, pioneered jazz fusion, inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999
  27. Céline Dion:136 million albums sold, 10 million concert tickets sold
  28. Frank Sinatra: 190 million albums sold
  29. Rod Stewart: 165 million albums sold
  30. Phil Collins: 152 million albums sold
  31. Led Zeppelin:141 million albums sold
  32. AC/DC:132 million albums sold
  33. Eagles:11 million concert tickets sold, 65 million albums sold
  34. Bee Gees:130 million albums sold
  35. Fleetwood Mac:130 million albums sold
  36. The Beach Boys:125 million albums sold
  37. Simon & Garfunkel:115 million albums sold
  38. The Doors:105 million albums sold
  39. Phil Collins:93 million albums sold, 8 Grammy Awards
  40. Rod Stewart & Faces:100 million albums sold
  41. Olivia Newton-John:100 million albums sold
  42. Jimi Hendrix:95 million albums sold
  43. Queen:90 million albums sold
  44. Aretha Franklin:18 Grammy Awards, over 60 million albums sold
  45. Ed Sheeran:48 billion streams, 53 million YouTube subscribers, 19 million concert tickets sold
  46. Jay-Z:24 Grammy Awards, over 50 million albums sold
  47. Santana:89 million albums sold
  48. Guns N' Roses:86 million albums sold
  49. Black Sabbath: Pioneered the Heavy Metal genre, 73 million albums sold
  50. The Police:85 million albums sold
  51. Deep Purple:85 million albums sold
  52. Fleetwood Mac:84 million albums sold
  53. Bob Dylan:83 million albums sold
  54. Nirvana:82 million albums sold
  55. Garth Brooks:81 million albums sold
  56. Henry Mancini:20 Grammy Awards, 4 Academy Awards, and a Golden Globe, often cited the greatest film composer of all time
  57. Iron Maiden:81 million albums sold
  58. Depeche Mode:80 million albums sold
  59. Van Halen:79 million albums sold
  60. Henry Mancini:20 Grammy Awards, 4 Academy Awards, and a Golden Globe, often cited the greatest film composer of all time
  61. Kanye West:24 Grammy Awards, 38 billion streams, over 25 million albums sold
  62. Creedence Clearwater Revival:78 million albums sold
  63. Genesis:78 million albums sold
  64. Eric Clapton:73 million albums sold
  65. BTS:65 million TikTok followers, 78 million YouTube subscribers, 45 million albums sold
  66. Bryan Adams:71 million albums sold
  67. Dire Straits:71 million albums sold
  68. Aerosmith:71 million albums sold
  69. David Bowie:71 million albums sold
  70. Journey:71 million albums sold
  71. The Weeknd: over 57 billion streams, 10 million albums sold, 7 number 1 hits
  72. Britney Spears:68 million albums sold
  73. Ariana Grande: over 44 billion streams, over 8 million albums sold
  74. R.E.M.:66 million albums sold
  75. Coldplay:19 million concert tickets sold, 31 billion streams
  76. Enya:65 million albums sold
  77. Roberto Carlos:65 million albums sold
  78. Alison Krauss:27 Grammy Awards
  79. Neil Young:65 million albums sold
  80. 2Pac:63 million albums sold
  81. Adele:63 million albums sold
  82. Shania Twain:63 million albums sold
  83. Red Hot Chili Peppers:61 million albums sold
  84. George Michael & Wham!:60 million albums sold
  85. Karol G:69 million Instagram followers, 36 million YouTube subscribers, 52 million TikTok followers
  86. Justin Bieber:73 million YouTube subscribers
  87. Lady Gaga: 13 Grammy Awards, over 21 billion streams, 35 million albums sold
  88. Green Day:58 million albums sold
  89. Backstreet Boys:58 million albums sold
  90. Vince Gill:22 Grammy Awards
  91. Dave Matthews Band: 23 million concert tickets sold
  92. Jason Derulo:59 million TikTok followers, 13 billion streams, 7 Billboard top 10 hits
  93. Selena Gomez:400 million Instagram followers, 58 million TikTok followers, 88 million Facebook followers
  94. Bruno Mars:26 billion streams, over 17 million albums sold
  95. Pat Metheny:20 Grammy Awards
  96. Kendrick Lamar:26 billion streams
  97. Maroon 5:26 billion streams
  98. Billie Eilish:64 million TikTok followers, 51 million YouTube subscribers
  99. Kenny Chesney:16 million concert tickets sold
  100. Tony Bennett:19 Grammy Awards

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