How to Increase Brand Awareness Using Video

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When visitors spend more time exploring your website, it lowers the bounce rate and increases the average time spent on your website. That’s what Google bots love. Higher rankings on Google means more traffic, better leads, and more conversions.

However, retaining visitors on a website is not that simple. Gone are the days when all you needed was your band logo and theme colors to create a meaningful web front. A musician or band website must incorporate appealing and different elements to grab and retain users’ attention.

These elements include targeted content, intuitive navigation, and the use of good-quality images and videos. The use of videos is now crucial for becoming visible to search engines like Google. Research statistics reveal that Google is 53 times more likely to rank a website higher if it features a content-related video on its front page.

When it comes to video, animated videos are unique and catchy ways to grab the attention of your first-time visitors. Not only these videos can be beneficial for launching new products, promoting your most-popular services or products, but they can also be helpful in boosting your brand awareness.

In this post, we are going to highlight the ways animated videos can increase brand loyalty and brand awareness. Let’s find out how.

Music Video Animation

Know Your Audience

Whether you are making a real-time or an animated video, you can’t make it for everyone. Understanding your fanbase will provide the best information about how to make your video so it reaches your target audience. The best way to do so is to create your ideal customer (or fan) persona.

If you've never heard of a customer persona, don't worry. We will help you. Basically, the process involves studying demographics and brainstorming a few fictional characters who represent your average fan.

Consider the right age, occupation, location, earnings, and hobbies of your fanbase. Think of any other details that you want to add to this set of information. The purpose of creating personas is to create focused branding messages. Instead of talking to thousands of people you will talk to just one segment of the market.

Personas help us design the right videos because we know which characters to choose and the type of story or language to include. Modeling the characters of your videos after these personas and using appropriate imagery, you can successfully create an animated video that captures attention and offers valuable information to the audience.

Regardless of what your video is about, people are more likely to watch it if it addresses their issues and depict familiar situations.

Hubspot brand video chart
Source: Hubspot - The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing

Importance of Brand Identity

That doesn’t mean you have to insert your band's logo or branding message at the end of the video. Incorporate your branding theme by using your brand’s color palette. For example, if your animated video has one or two characters, their clothes can be of the same shades or colors as your logo’s. The backdrop can also represent a mix of colors that remind viewers of your brand logo, products, or brochures. Don’t forget to show your logo somewhere in between or at the end of the video.

Animation Styles

While choosing the best animation style for a video largely depends on the budget, pick a style that complies with your branding. For instance, a law firm would not choose fun or colorful characters to create an animated video. Instead, whiteboard animation will be a great way to offer tons of information in an engaging manner.

Selecting the best animation style also depends on the nature of the message. Do you want to introduce a new product? Are you creating a demo or tutorial video? Do you want to create a behind-the-scenes video?

2D and 3D animation styles work best for conveying a simpler but slicker message.

Another example is of cut out animations. Cut out animation videos involve the use of props, flat characters, and backgrounds created out of cut out materials. The stop motion pieces are shot with digital stills and software like Adobe After Effects can add finishing touches to the videos. These videos are great for communicating cultural and social elements of your branding story.

Here are some other popular styles of animation for boosting your branding efforts.

  • Kinetic typography
  • Rotoscope Animation
  • Clay Motion
  • Mechanical Animation

One of the things that make animated videos so popular is that they can convey plenty of information in less time. But that also makes it trickier to choose what information should you offer through animated videos. Focus on the goals you want to achieve through a professional animated video.

  • Do you want to acquire more fans?
  • Are you launching new music?
  • Are you promoting specific gigs or shows?
  • Are you expanding to new venues or parts of the country?

Make Your Video Share Worthy

What’s the use of spending hundreds of dollars on video editing when you can’t design it for getting more shares? While it’s difficult to guarantee that a video on your website, social media pages, or YouTube channel will become viral, sticking to some basic guidelines can help you receive more shares.

Creating the right message becomes easy when you know what to achieve through a video that runs less than three minutes.

Another important thing to remember is the call-to-action button. For example, you can use hashtags or encourage your views to tag their friends, colleagues, and family members for getting more shares.

Stay True to Your Brand

Regardless of the type of video you choose for your brand, make sure you depict the true picture of your music. Today’s online users are smart enough to distinguish an authentic brand from a fake one. They can easily find out if your products are reliable or original, through reviews and ratings.

Hence, don’t create videos that give false information or mislead your potential buyers. Use videos to provide real and authentic facts only.

Stay Within your Budget

If you contact any professional animation video service, the first thing they do is ask about your requirements. For example, what is your preferred animation style? How long the video should be? What is the nature or style of your music? etc.

However, one thing they usually overlook is your budget. For any newb or starving artist, spending thousands of dollars on an animation video is almost impossible. For that reason, you should always inquire whether the animation video will fit into your branding budget.

Musicians often use 2D animation videos for increasing brand awareness and brand recognizability. Since these videos are popular among modern consumers, choose them for adding fun animation and humor to create light-hearted videos.

A high-quality, 30-second video can cost anywhere between $2k to $5k. The production costs vary according to the number of revisions and the style of the video. Choosing 2D motion graphics can be an easy way to avoid the expenses involved in 3D and traditional animation, making a stunning animation video that serves the purpose.

Video Marketing Benefits

How can you business benefit from video?

Social Media Marketing

Brand Credibility

Thanks to a slew of businesses in the online world, choosing a reliable and authentic store, company, service, or product is tricky. A website featuring quality content such as an animated explainer video can give a business an edge over its rivals.

Creating video to showcase your music or solidifies the reputation of your brand. A well-produced and catchy animation goes a long way toward building trust and authority.

Brand Engagement

Animations boost the viewer’s interest level and enhances his/her ability to recall details from a message. That implies an animation video must include all the nitty gritty bits that they must be aware of for buying more products or services.

More ROI

As a business owner, one of your goals is to increase the return on investment.

Here are some ideas and tips to get you more ROI through animated videos.

  • Create a fun and shareable video
  • Promise free incentives such as a coupon or a free eBook at the end of the video
  • Think like your customer
  • Promote animated videos on social media or blogs
  • Add a CTA in the video

Fan Loyalty

Offering a coupon or a discount for sharing animated videos can boost customer loyalty. For example, offer a 10% or 20% discount to customers who share or tag their friends/family on your animated videos.

Fan Engagement

Obtrusive advertising is a thing of the past. Today’s customers are wise enough to use ad blockers and block pop-up pages to steer clear or advertisements. That’s one reason why brands brainstorm unique ways of engaging their users. Animated videos do just that.

Using animated explainer videos can help brands narrate stories about their music's history, introduce their teams, or reveal their production practices to the ordinary consumer. 2D or 3D animations are popular ways for creating entertaining forms of advertising.

The more interesting and creative your animated videos are, the more users will share them within their networks. The key is to create powerful impressions, evoke customer emotions, and instill long-term connections with a brand. These factors make animation videos an effective tool for engaging potential and existing customers.

Animation Examples

Now you know how and why animated videos are excellent sources for spreading your branding message, let’s look at some of these examples.

Wine Country Gift Baskets

The animation video from Wine Country Gift Baskets is a beautiful blend of audio and visual elements to communicate the brand’s story. The company educates the audience about its products and services, through a series of testimonials. Warm animations and customer examples result in delivering a positive message to the audience.

The appealing video encourages viewers to gift their different items to their loved ones such as chocolates, wine bottles, or fresh-baked cookies to strengthen ties with their loved ones. The short and sweet video, available on the company’s YouTube channel, offers a sneak peek into what makes Wine Country so special.


The streaming giant, Spotify, delivered one of the best examples of using animation videos to boost branding efforts. Using cool animation and bold music, Spotify showcased its capabilities and explained its purpose, in this launch promo.

But what makes this video tick? Emotions.

Thanks to its stunning visuals and appealing music, the video ignites a powerful reaction from the audience. Consequently, that builds a strong emotional connection to the brand, boosting brand awareness and brand loyalty.


The best thing about this fabulous video from Orvis, a popular sports retailer, is that it mixes animation with real images. Naturally, that results in a humorous dog-centric narrative that showcases the company’s commitment to offer 5% of its pre-tax profits to advance canine health and preserve nature.

Crazy Egg

The explainer video from Crazy Egg, a renowned testing platform, is unlike any ordinary animation piece. With original and quirky elements, including an oddly shaped main character, the video leaves a strong impression. That only shows why investing time and effort into animation videos offer exceptional results. It also proves that instead of using templated characters, creating unique fictional characters and backgrounds can make the video fresh and memorable.

The 2.5-minute video helped generate $21,000 of additional monthly revenue and boosted conversions by 64% for Crazy Egg.

Microsoft: The Future of Technology

What makes this animation video unusual is that it mixes animation with interviews and speeches from Kevin Scott, the company’s CTO. The creative combination gives this video a fresh feel. While most marketers turn to animated videos because they are not as expensive as live-action videos, Microsoft’s animation shows why animation videos have creative advantages.

The Bottom Line

Animation videos are perfect for introducing your musicianship to the world, as well as promoting your music and gigs. Marketers can use them across a range of locations, such as their social media pages, video channels or website. Create a video animation today to give your brand a quick and affordable boost.

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