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5 Steps to Help Your Band Succeed on Facebook


If you're about to put your music or band on Facebook for the first time, you may need a little patience. Facebook can be simple, but it can also take a little time to master. Here are the five steps you need to know to successfully market your business on Facebook.

Create a New Facebook Business Account

Facebook Login New Account

Like we say all the time on Band Pioneer... Music is a business! And before you can make use of all the great Facebook marketing methods out there, you first need to set up your band as a high-quality business page. If your website is the biggest online weapon for your music, Facebook page can also play a vital, ancillary role.

Once you set up the basic business page, make sure to also configure a custom CTA (or Call To Action) button, as well as any other business-friendly options. You can complete your page with a quality profile picture, cover photo and a cover video (preferably a music compilation video), and write out an interesting description on the About tab. 

Lastly, under Settings you can set up a connection with your Instagram account if you have one, as well as chatbots and content filters.

Facebook Messenger Bot

Robot AI

Once you have your business page, you are ready to start promoting your business with posts. But before you do that, you need to set up the chatbots. Unless you have people monitoring your Facebook account all the time to answer questions, you need chatbots to help answer them. Once you have this basic step in place you can then broadcast posts and promotions without worrying about responses going unnoticed.

Twenty million businesses today communicate with their customers through Facebook Messenger, and people expect quick answers, within an hour. While chatbots aren't intelligent enough to do everything, they can put out a few basic auto-reply responses. There are other chatbots as well that can direct customers to different FAQs to ensure they get as much information as they need.

Organic Reach on Facebook

Organic Reach Online

You've probably heard about how Facebook's 2.6% organic reach isn't very good. And that's true. The reason for this is because Facebook sells space on the Newsfeed to advertisers. There is little room left for anything organic.

Facebook's organic reach is very difficult to achieve. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try. It can achieve great results when done correctly. Putting out a piece of unique content each day may not be easy, but it's a great way to fulfill that 2.6% of organic reach. You can get a lot of interest when you post every day, and you'll take full advantage of whatever organic reach comes your way.

If you don't have a big enough budget to be able to post new content every day, you can still post links to related helpful information that you find. As long as you round it out with a line or two about your band or music to help own it, it should serve you well. Try different times of day to find out when you're getting the best user engagement, and then stick to that time.

Setup Facebook Ads

Marketing Tips for Band to Take on Facebook

Learn about the different kinds of advertising: Facebook ads are an excellent way to develop user engagement. You'll need to know your ad types, however. Lead ads help you find more leads, Canvas ads help you do things like tell your brand story, and page post engagement ads help you gain more engagement from users.

Target your audience in layers: When you layer your advertising, you target your audience in different ways: by kinds of interest, by behavior, by demographic and so on. A remarketing audience, if you have it, could be yet another layer. When you think about the interests, behaviors and other characteristic qualities of your target audience, you are ready for a layered approach to advertising to them.

Target your audience again: Once you begin to target your audience in layers, you will get some Facebook traffic. You can use the information that you gather about visitors who do come to refine your targeting. You can create look-alike audiences, or audiences who superficially exhibit behavior similar to the audiences that you have in mind. This should let you find out how to go out to a larger base of potentially interested followers.

Facebook Insights Report

Facebook Insights Report

The idea that you should post every day is good advice. So is the idea that you should target your advertising. Whatever you do, your efforts are unlikely to net you anything more than minimal results if you don't analyze your actions and then use the results of your analysis to make course corrections. Facebook gives you two main ways to do this: Page Insights and Audience Insights.

Page Insights is where to go for all the information that you need for organic Facebook reach. You get to track how engaged your users are by looking at the number of Likes, comments and shares that you get. You get to find out what times of the day your posts get the most engagement, and you get to see your page views, and how good your response times are on Messenger.

With Audience Insights, you get to analyze how people connected to you behave, and how custom audiences behave. With audience insights, you find out what kind of demographic activities and interests your audiences hold, which is information you can use for future campaigns.

Final Thought

Don't be too quick to spend money on Facebook

If you're only getting started marketing your band on Facebook, it isn't a good idea to spend a lot on ads right away. There are many ways to get your music on Facebook first, without spending money. Once you've exhausted all these options and feel you need an extra marketing boost, then try paying for advertising.

We are dedicated to helping musicians learn how to market and make money with music online. Checkout our recent articles on the leading music distribution services and Music Markting on TikTok, and be sure to contact us if there are any additional topics you'd like us to cover.

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