Best Online Bass Guitar Lessons: Top Sites for Pro Skills

Learning to Play the Bass Guitar

For musicians, buying a first bass is an exciting experience. There are so many possibilities for learning the instrument that the number of options can be overwhelming for new players. Fortunately, there are several fantastic websites available for learning bass that are completely free. With the options available, anyone can find the right online bass lesson website for his or her individual needs.


Online Bass Lessons by Andrew Pouska

StudyBass is an instructional bass website taught by bassist Andrew Pouska, who has been a bass instructor since 1993. The site is advertised as being for people who are interested in using the bass in a creative manner. StudyBass starts with the basics of learning bass, making the website a great starting point for beginners. There are three fundamentals categories of lessons, each containing various sections on technique and music theory. Compared to other free options available, StudyBass places a significant emphasis on music theory. This site is a great option for beginner musicians who wish to learn more about the theory behind the creation of music. In addition, the website has helpful Gear and Tools sections, which provide services such as a metronome, a dictionary for musical terms, an online tuner, and a bass setup guide.

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Scott's Bass Lessons

Instructional Tools and Community by Scott Devine

Scott's Bass Lessons is one of the most popular websites for learning bass. The website is primarily driven by bassist Scott Devine, who has been uploading instructional videos since 2010. Although there are numerous courses available from the website that require a subscription, Scott's Bass Lessons features free videos that cover a variety of topics. Some of the most popular videos on Scott's Bass Lessons Youtube channel include videos on slap bass, walking bass lines, scales, and bass tone. Free videos can also be found that cover the history of the bass and prominent bass players. For those looking for a website that effectively covers a wide variety of topics relating to the bass, Scott's Bass Lessons is a great choice.

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YouTube Channel by Thomas Risell

Bassist Thomas Risell, professionally known as MarloweDK, began posting instructional videos with PlayBassNow after being introduced to Youtube in 2006. Thomas Risell received an education in music by completing the Music Teacher Education program with Copenhagen Music Conservatory. The PlayBassNow Youtube channel contains many popular videos that fall under the categories of slap bass lessons, bass play alongs, and bass theory lessons. PlayBassNow places a great deal of emphasis on improving technical skill compared to many other options for learning the bass. PlayBassNow is a great resource for improving technical skill on the bass as well as for learning the theory behind bass scales.

In 2021 the website went offline, however a lot of this great content can be found on MarloweDK's YouTube channel.

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Bass Guitar Player World

Online Bass Tutorials by David Woods and Various Musicians

Bass Guitar Player World features a number of resources geared toward providing a comprehensive education for bass players. This website contains lessons grouped into categories including Beginner, Video Lessons, Soloing, Improvisation, Techniques, Chords, Ear Training, and Scales. Although the website sells instructional DVDs, there are a variety of free lessons under each category from which to choose. Bass Guitar World provides a great service for people looking to boost their knowledge in a variety of topics essential to playing bass.

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Great bass lessons do not always require the learner to needlessly spend money. There are free options that provide lessons that are just as good as many options that require payment. While finding quality free bass lessons online is not always easy, there are several options that will have beginners well on their way to becoming proficient bassists.

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